Monday, January 17, 2011


Doing anything Wednesday afternoon? Let your culture vulture side take over, and watch one of the world's great ballet companies, the Royal Ballet of London's production of Giselle, live, without the hassle of travel. So what if you're not in London.

Emerging Pictures, in cooperation with the Royal Opera House and movie theaters around the globe, is broadcasting Tuesday evening's performance at a big screen near you. Giselle begins at 7:30 PM London time, 2:30 PM NY...

No squinting, no evening dress, just beautiful music, luscious bodies, beautiful dance. Ballet with popcorn and soda. You'll be home before the kids.

Tuesday's performance features Marianela Nunez as Giselle, and Rupert Pennefather as Albrecht.

If The Black Swan has re-awoken your love of dance,this is an opportunity to see the world's greatest dancers in action. Or stay for a showing of Black Swan following the performance.

Theater locations are here.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Toad!!!! I would not have thought to look.

Will watch and have already told my kids to tune in.

Mom on the Run said...

We love Giselle at our house--the joke with our ballet friends is you know your child was born to be a ballerina if she uses kleenex to dress her Barbies as wilis.