Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Escape Maps: part 2 For Sale!!!!!!!

Just this once, because he's a good guy, I am putting on my sales hat.

I received an email from regular reader Seth saying he has a stash of 13 silk escape maps he no longer needs, and is interested in selling. Knowing my interest he offered them to me, but I have all I need. So I am passing his offer on to you. The set of 13 is available for the steal price of $300, or individual maps are $35 apiece. Natch, I have no financial interest in either side of Seth's sale.

The double sided set includes:

Stalingrad 4th/Stepnoy 5th- 1952 23”x22”

Tehran 3rd/Bushire 4th- 1951 24”x25”

Moskova 3rd/ Ivanovo 4th- 1952 24 1/2”x19”

Murmansk/Tromso- 1958 26”x31”

Stockhold-Riga 3rd/Oslo Stockholm 2nd- 1953 x2

Bangkok 1st/Saigon 1st - 1957 26”x40”

Burma South/Burma Extreme South- No Date 44D and C 24”x37”

Amsterdam- Hamburg- Berlin- Warszawa/Vil’Nyus- Minsk- 1952 26 1/2”x37”

Helsinki 3rd/ Torndheim 3rd- 1953 24”x41”

Al Jauf 5th/Beyrouth- Beyrouth- Damas- 1st- 1951 23”x29”

Kabul 1st/SamarQand 1958 26”x27 1/2”

Libya Aeronautical Chart- 40”x30”

Get in touch directly with Seth at Seth dot Thompson 25 at gmail dot com.

The maps are great jacket linings, wall hangings, or just an intriguing piece of history.


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