Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday in Saint Louis

Another funny story.

This photo was taken at a political rally in St. Louis this past weekend. Let me point out several local landmarks. The white building in the background is the Old Courthouse, scene of the early Dred Scott trials in the 1850's. There is a street behind the speaker, and directly across the street is a Catholic Church, known as the Old Cathedral. Behind the Old Cathedral is the Arch, and St. Louis riverfront.

Several months ago, a young couple was planning their wedding. They checked the calendar to make certain that the Cardinals would not be playing, and that the Blues hockey team was not in town. Thus assured, they scheduled their Old Cathedral wedding, for 12pm Saturday.

Local reports suggest that nearly 100,000 attended the noon rally which was immediately outside the church door. Supposedly, the local police did an exemplary job in getting the wedding party and guests to the church on time.

Report in Sunday's paper indicated that the bride's family was still planning on voting for the other guy.



ms. mindless said...

thanks for the tie tip! i found EXACTLY what he was looking for, both the bow tie and the matching neck tie. i really appreciate it.

Katy McIntyre said...

That's hilarious. I would absolutely be a wreck if I were that bride. Poor girl.

ms. mindless said...

thanks again for the advice. while i may be a bit bratty at times, i do have somewhat of a sense of humor for a bride to be:) i at least find you very funny and don't mind at all if you make fun of me. i love a good laugh at my own expense!