Thursday, October 23, 2008

Magnolia at The Park

Mayberry, which resides on the cusp of USDA zones 5b and 5a must be the end of the practical northern range for my favorite tree,the glorious Southern Magnolia Grandiflora. Most here are foundation plantings protected from winter winds by being planted too close to tall brick walls.

The Park has one, which is perhaps 20 years old, is badly pruned and rather spindly. It was my mission this year to take this great specimen under my black growing thumb and store it to glory.

My first task began in early spring. Each month I'd get a 5 gallon bucket of water and Mir Acid and soak the the base of the tree. It had been a glorious spring and summer. Not too hot, not too cool, with plenty of rain. Maggy rewarded my efforts with a provision of pale yellow, highly fragrant flowers, which grew out of harms way from our large rodents.
Since the pool closed for the season, I had not paid attention to it for a while. Until yesterday, when I was raking leaves. There are now a profusion of cones and seeds. I know it hadn't done that the previous 2 falls we have been here.

Keep in mind that I have zero experience with Magnolia trees, but I think Maggy was trying to thank me.

Now if I could just figure out how to propagate the seeds.

Keep smiling!



Katy McIntyre said...

Congrats! Nice job.

Mom on the Run said...

That's gorgeous. We have every Southern specimen under the sun in our yard except a magnolia.