Thursday, October 16, 2008


While writing Tuesday's post I was reminded of the day I ordered the blue jacket at Woody's.

In the store was a very good looking, young man who was picking up a new blazer. As I recall in was a black and white POW tweed check, single button with peak lapels. The coat was not only beautiful, and fit him perfectly, but had the additional detail of pink stitching around the lapel button hole. It was actually stunning, and clearly the buyer was pleased.

Mrs. T was with me that day, and she has the knack, which I lack, of starting conversations with anyone, anytime and anywhere. She immediately started up on the man with the new jacket. That is how I came to meet Mr. V.K. Nagrani, proprietor of Ovadafut, and the V.K. Nagrani line of men's accessories.

Now, some may have gotten the mistaken assumption from my David Frost post that I am a sock guy, Nothing could be further from the truth. I generally disdain socks, for all but the most serious occasions, and when proper dressing requires something around the ankle. That is where Ovadfut comes in.

Nagrani makes a line of men's hosiery which is not only comfortable but also colorful. Best of all it is mostly over the calf, which is a trifecta rarely found. When necessary their customer service is over the top, and the follow through is impeccable. I recommend them most highly.

If the tariff seems a bit steep, look around.

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