Friday, October 24, 2008

Exchange Rates

I am most certainly not advocating that any US citizen violate Federal law, but if any of my readers hold the Trading with the Enemy Act in as low a regard as I do, especially as it relates to Cuban cigars, may I suggest that you closely investigate EURO denominated, tax free sellers.

At current exchange rates, Cuban Puros are priced substantially less than their Dominican namesakes.


Anonymous said...

Dear OO-
On my husbands list to Santa is a humidor and with that I was going to include some cigars. Any suggestions? KT

Free Kansas said...

K T,
Might I suggest the Romeo y Julieta #2 Tubos. They're a great cigar for little money. Also the tubes are great for taking your smokes on the go. I gave one to my brother in-law at his wedding and he realy seemed to enjoy it.

Free Kansas

Toad said...

Although FK, your BIL gave his FIL a Cohiba which was transformative.

Free Kansas said...

So it's settled then. KT smokes are cheapper now so why not buy your hubby both. Also my BIL owes me a Cohiba. I prefer the Sigalo VI but will settle for a IV.