Friday, October 31, 2008

guilty pleasures

I half suspect Mrs. T is planning my replacement. I base this on her TIVO recordings. Saturdays are generally spent with "Say yes to the Dress" "Bridezillas" and programs of that genre. She is making plans. I make no judgement, I merely report.

By the end of the night it's time for" My Big Redneck Wedding".

If you fancy yourself a suburban, suave sophisticate, Redneck Wedding will appall you. You'll never fathom why that man is marrying his sister, or why truck seat covers make a suitable gift for a groom to give his bride.

You gotta see the show twice. The first time you will be unable to comprehend what you just saw. Next time though, pay attention to the wedding ceremony and reception. Everyone is having a whale of a lot of fun. That's something you can't say about most suburban weddings.

Trick is don't watch it a third time. Deep down I suspect there are a lot more weddings like this than we could even imagine, and I can imagine a lot.

Don't make fun of what you don't understand. It's bad manners.

Anyway, its Halloween. Be safe, have fun. Remember that no matter whatever you were led to believe, no kid ever bit into a razor blade he picked up trick or treating. (It happened once, his step father did it and fessed up before the kid bit into it)

BTW this afternoon is the first fitting for the two tweed jackets I ordered last month. Can't wait.

Since you made it this far, stop in and say hello.



ms. mindless said...

does mrs. t watch platinum weddings as well?

Mom on the Run said...

Bridezillas....I cannot look away from that train wreck.

Anonymous said...

No comments re: the TV bit.....but I positively swooned at the mention of "Tweed".

'Tis the tweed/tartan season! !

Cheers from another Midwesterner to your north (WI)

Renovation Therapy said...

and Hello indeed.

Toad said...

I had no idea there were entire TV networks devoted to wedding, and weeding prep.

If there is a wedding or Doctor theme, it's on Mrs. T's TIVO.

To our new fan from WI, please say hi to my bonus son Dan in Madison, should you see him this weekend.