Monday, October 6, 2008

David Frost

Growing up in the Man in the Gray Flannel suit era, young men had very few truly fashionable style icons with which to wish to emulate. Even Cary Grant couldn't be Cary Grant, and Coop was a bit out of touch. Fortunately, I grabbed onto David Frost pretty early.

Sir David Frost is a British television presenter, noted interviewer, frequent guest on the talk show circuit, and producer of several well received documentries. In the 60's and 70's he was ubiquitous on American television, each time he would show up in his immaculately cut Saville Row suit, loud stripe or check Turnbull and Asser or Hilditch and Key shirts and red socks.

For those new to Sir David, may I suggest you review the Frost/Nixon tapes from 1977. David sold everything he had to get these interviews made. At the time they were the most widely watch interview ever shown. Nixon went so far as to admit mistakes, but never incriminated himself. The series has since become the basis for the Tony award winning play Frost/Nixon, and the movie version will be out soon.

I've never been able to afford Saville Row, but have since emulated his shirts and have always prefered red socks to all others.

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heavy tweed jacket said...

Fascinating interview. I used to wear red socks a lot many years ago. Perhaps I should revisit that. Regarding shirts I have discovered a (for me) perfect balance of Anglo-American style: Brooks Brothers made to order shirts in their traditional fit with what they call an English collar. Just wonderful, and still made in the USA.