Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is this really a good idea?

I have no direct evidence to support my allegation, but I believe you could accurately mix Mrs. T's on-line usage into 4 equal categories.

In no particular order the first would be time spent taking surveys. Mrs. T can morph into any character to supply an opinion to a pollster. The woman has no unexpressed opinions.

The next would be shopping. The Internet has enabled Mrs. T, her mother and sisters to sniff out bargains two continents away. If its not Rue La La, its Overstock or Target, or...

Next is games. She is an inveterate game player. I am not, so she searches victims on line.

And last is searching samples. Remember she has no unexpressed opinions. If some company is seeking volunteers to try a product she is first in line. Over the years we have been a one family rainbow coalition of product triers. Some products have been pretty good, most near useless. I expect an artificial leg will show up someday as a sample product.

Yesterday, she was me and I got a product to try in the mail. Gillette odor shield and body wash.
Who wouldn't be excited right?

To my minds eye there are two major flaws to this product. 1) the active ingredient appears to be a washcloth. Everyone knows boys don't washcloth. 2) Subtlety, the package directions suggest that using this may reduce the need for deodorant. I find that a bad trend, and one not to be encouraged.

After seeing the commercial on TV, I look forward to the results. I only wish I were 25 years younger. I can't wait for Saturday to try it.


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Katy McIntyre said...

No need for a washcloth with shower gel.