Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The end is nigh

I have worn Topsiders for some part of every day, with very few exceptions, for the past 45 years. Only in brown please, as I live a thousand miles from the nearest ocean and haven't been on a sailboat in 25 years.

Topsiders are the perfect shoe, but you already know that. Now Sperry have gone and done this. As if the crocodile version wasn't gaudy enough I present for your edification Topsider chukka boots. No, even if you spend your own money, you may not buy these, and you will not associate with those that do.

May several suits rot in hell over this.



Mom on the Run said...

It seems once they get a taste of being in "fashion", everything goes down the toilet.

Ugly. If you want chukka boots, buy Clarks. Otherwise, forget it.

ms. mindless said...

i think those are hideous. how weird!

Free Kansas said...

HOLD ON! Now, these Chukka's may in fact violate evreything that is wholesome about Sperry Topsider, but Mr.T please keep one thing in mind before damning certain executives to hell. The "suits" that you refer to PAY MY SALARY! They keep your granddaughter in a reputable private school, feed your family, and deep down probably help you to sleep better at night. Besides they are not the worst shoe made by Collective Brands Inc.(PSS)

May I introduce you to the Champion Amaze. A "Croc"-like athletic shoe.

BTW: MissA is current;y reminding me that this is soon going to, once again, be a free country and you have a right to voice your opinions.

Pigtown-Design said...


Kevin Graves said...

one doesn't put a spoiler on a 62 Lincoln and one doesn't _____ with Topsiders. A CrisCraft would yelp in pain if one set foot on board in this livery!

Anonymous said...

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