Friday, October 17, 2008

Another NFL experience

Funny story.

A faithful reader got in touch the other day with he suggestion that the reason I did not like NFL football was that I'd never seen it done right, like they do on the western side of Missouri. The suggestion was followed up with invitations for Mrs. T and I to join him in his company's suite Sunday.

I thanked him kindly, admitted that I in fact have seen football in KC, that my first pro football experience was watching KC battle San Diego in the old KC ballpark, this was in AFL days, and that Mrs. T and I traditionally did not travel to eat with strangers.

However, I do have a son in Topeka, and asked if perhaps he and his wife could do the heavy lifting for me. Alas, no, since he wasn't preaching to the converted.

I find it refreshingly American, that people of good will would offer strangers such a gift, knowing damn good and well that it won't be accepted. Is this a great country or what.

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