Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dating Rules for Gentlemen- Part 2

Gentlemen: Perhaps I left you with the false impression that my earlier missive concerned dates one or two only. Nothing could be further from the truth. Blame for the local shortage of men with good manners will not be laid at your feet. Therefore, most of the commandments apply, always.

So, if you're still reading, undoubtedly, you followed the rules, and you found your first date went much better than most. What you do not yet understand is why.

Toad is here to help. Suspend disbelief. Almost everything you knew about dating is wrong. But you will come out smarter and stronger in the end.

Commandment 11: Respect yourself
Every guy has his toughest critic. It may be your sister, cousin, co worker, or mom. Your toughest critic loves you enough to give it to you straight first time, every time. Don't let them down.

If you could not proudly introduce your date to your TC, you have got the wrong date. When in doubt trust your TC.

Commandment 12: Change perspective 180 degrees
Let me let you in on the greatest dating secret you'll ever learn. It is this: Boys and girls want the same thing. However, there is only one path to the goal. Hers. You cannot force, bluster or bully your way there. Slow down, listen, learn.

Commandment 13: BS stinks
Be yourself. Confidence is sexy. A whiff of BS is easily discerned and is strictly for losers.

Women have far more sensitive noses than men. And longer memories.

Commandment 14: Clean up your nest
When you chose to date you made a decision about yourself. You decided you were an interesting fellow, a man worth meeting, a person of value. An inspired choice.

Gentlemen of these values, do not live in sty's. Your an adult now. If you need specific help, get in touch, but remember this. Visitors to your home should not be needlessly uncomfortable about their surroundings or by what they may catch.

It may take some time, but little money to clean up and keep it neat.

Commandment 15: Be confident, but trainable
No woman wants a finished product. She will notice that you have had good home training. That is a good thing. What she is seeking is a man who is flexible. Demonstrate that you are trainable and retrainable. You do not always have to be right. If its your way or the highway, hit the road.

Gents I can only carry you so far. Don't wuss out. Now that you know better, you'll do better.

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