Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The photo which launched a thousand projects

Almost three years ago, my only daughter informed us that not only was she getting married, but it was to be in May, on a beach, in Mexico. Naturally, we were over the moon, but in fact not terribly shocked, except for maybe the beach and Mexico part.

Like all fathers, I quickly took two steps back, got out of the way, and let those who have either mentally or otherwise planned weddings enjoy their planning. My input was neither solicited nor wanted.

What I did take seriously though was what I was going to wear. The groom was going to be casual, so I saw no need to take the tux to the cleaners. However, I did want to honor the bride who would be in a wedding gown, by wearing something serious, yet casual and comfortable.

I started early and looked long and hard, for ideas. Then I saw the photo above on the Grass Court Collection web site. While I am neither as trim or good looking as the model in the picture, I knew almost immediately that was the look I was going for.

Piecing it together in deep Mayberry winter was tough, and in fact it wasn't until late March that through a chance encounter at my favorite haberdashery, that I was finally able to source all the items.

My biggest problem purchasing clothes off the rack, is that for each item of clothing I wear two distinct sizes. In jackets, if my shoulders fit, the waist won't. Shirts have the same problem. Pants that fit at the waist, don't in the hips.

The most critical part of the ensemble for me was getting the jacket right. I searched long and hard to no avail. Then my friends at Woody's told me about the Made To Measure (MTM) program offered by Coppley, one of their vendors.

You take a few measurements, add a picture, select a fabric, buttons and detail and voila, in four weeks you get a jacket that was made to fit you. I loved 99% of the finished product, and would have been happy forever had I stopped there.

The results are below

Unfortunately, in my research I learned about true bespoke tailoring. A bespoke tailor after taking copious measuerments, cuts a pattern to fit only you, then cuts and sews the fabric making a truly unique garment, which meets your exact and exacting specifiations. I had to try it.

My understanding it that it takes two or three items before you and your tailor are truly in synch. My first attempt at bespoke was a white summer odd jacket which was made to my design, which was very well done, but not a very good choice of style or fabric. My next was a sport coat shown several weeks ago, which I just adore. My third is being made now, in time for Thanksgiving.

So as well as Scott Schuman I also have my darling daughter to thank. Thanks to her, when I leave home, I finally do it in clothes that fit. She never knew!



ms. mindless said...

my fiance is a scott schuman fan. he has the same image printed out as his possible outfit for our wedding next year. also a more casual, waterside event like your daughter's. you looked quite nice!

Toad said...

Thank you it was a wonderful day.

Renovation Therapy said...

Great photo and perfect coat. Granted, I don't wear suits, but I've become a bit addicted to designing my own shirts, selecting the fabrics and then having someone on etsy execute it for me. Two of the three shirts I've had done were perfect. The third one isn't perfect - but neither am I.