Monday, July 19, 2010

Dies Caniculares

Yes, the dog days have finally come. Everywhere it seems it's hot, humid and miserable. In Mayberry, as well, but let's not bore each other with that.

Just take it for granted not much is being accomplished.

I did spend the day thinking of you though, so it wasn't a complete loss. I'll share my findings.

Do you have kids? I had MOTR's post at Abnormally Normal on my mind when I came across this site. Stuff My Kids Ruined

SMKR is a cavalcade of photos of kids of all ages doing what kids do best. Breaking mom and dad's stuff. Markers, paint, scissors, mud, lose change, cars, trucks are a kids first defense against boredom.

Mrs. T wondered why I was laughing so hard. A few seconds here cleared that up.

I mentioned not long ago how I thought I could work an orange linen jacket into the line up without looking like the Great Pumpkin. As this photo of George Schultz shows I cannot. Please, accept my apologies. I was wrong.

You know that feeling frequent fliers get in the pit of their stomach? You're finally seated, looking down the aisle trying to mentally decide which fellow prisoner you want to occupy the seat next to you. Depending upon age and orientation it may be George Clooney or Angelina, in your heart of hearts you know the plane is oversold, and you just hope whoever gets the seat doesn't sweat too much. Then you see him, and your heart... What do you talk about?

Look closely. See the guy holding up the pillar. That's him.

I'm back to the pool.



Karena said...

Really funny Toad, go for it, get the orange linen Jacket.

What is your seatmates name?

Art by Karena

Shelley said...

Would an airline actually let that person on the plane? Guess he wouldn't have much trouble getting through the metal detector -- and what security staff would volunteer to frisk him? Trains and ships are looking better every day...

nanc said...

Went to the website. So funny. -- how do you find these sites?

SouthernProletariat said...

Please tell me you jest. Please.

Or that there was photoshop involved and that there is not a small child over there viewing that as well...

Mrs. Blandings said...

He wouldn't just sit next to me, he'd ask me if I'd mind moving to the middle so he could have the aisle. Yikes.

house things said...

Having a pool certainly takes the edge off in this weather. Here's to pools.