Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Barber Barber Shave a pig...

Neighborhood news weeklies are thick on the ground in Mayberry. Publishers, in the search for larger ad sales have sliced the pie very thinly. Each week 5 show up on our driveway. Few are ever opened.

There is one I do look forward to though, the Ladue News. Ladue is the local community where the rich folk and country clubs live. The Ladue News covers the society and upscale shopping news. It's a hoot.

Each week includes a feature on cosmetic surgery, typically sponsored by the neighborhood provider. As often as not I'll give this a miss, but the attached coupon stopped me in my tracks this week.

The last item is the mens full back hair removal sale. This week $750, regular $2700.

Tonsorially, I have no memory of my back being in Robin Williams league, and I've never complained out loud about my back hair, so I come, once again to you, asking just how bad does a man's back hair have to become to warrant dropping $2700 to remove it (is that forever?)?

Ah, the things men do for beauty.



Staircase Witch said...

I think that if there's some physical feature you've loathed all your life, and you could completely eliminate it by paying $2700, that would be a bargain. Assuming, of course, that the money was at least semi-disposable. These days, I take nothing for granted.

Shelley said...

No idea, but suspect it is not permanent and think how it would itch, growing back! Personally, I like the teddy bear look just fine.

Suburban Princess said...

WOW! Waxing would cost less than 100.00. Maybe this is for laser?

James said...

Well my thought would be that it's a lot cheaper just to keep one's shirt on.

David said...

Before I decided to shave my head I seriously considered having the back of my neck lasered to keep things looking neat and clean. Of course it was much smaller and I assume far less expensive.

I think if one had a gorilla back and hated it 750 would be a bargain to fix it.