Friday, July 16, 2010

Not Ever

Every couple of years I feel obligated to run a public service announcement. This one from Scotland, and while the problem is universal, you are unlikely to see it presented elsewhere in this manner in the US.

Obviously, you are not the target audience, however you may have kids, or may work with the demographic. If so pass it on.

Regular programming resumes tomorrow.



Kathy said...

Great PSA. The Brits get it. Seriously doubt that would get air time in the U.S.. Thanks for sharing....I'm passing it along to a few friends. K

JMW said...

That is great. That should be featured on TVs and college campuses everywhere. Like Kathy, I'll plan to pass this along to my friends.
Have a good weekend, Toad!

Suburban Princess said...

Great PSA!
There are so many hard hitting great ads that have come out of Scotland - we certainly know how to get to the point!

Bygone Sensibilities said...

Wow, blunt and in your face to say the least.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Slams the message home like a 12 ga. # 2 3 1/2 inch shell blasting thru a plate glass window.

TWJ said...

Unfortunately in today’s society this is serious. I have two daughters of my own, one 20 and one 17. I hope that I have instilled this into both of them. So far the wardrobe and attitude seem to be appropriate. I also have two sons, one 19 and one 15. They get the other side of the conversation on “How to behave like Gentlemen”. I remind them of how they would want someone to treat their sisters.

Pigtown-Design said...

the ads over there are so much more hard-hitting than in the states. i remember one particular one about driving that i couldn't even watch, it was so graphic. it was about hitting a pedestrian from the drivers point of view.