Monday, July 26, 2010

Wish list

Photo: The Sartorialist

Maybe its the heat, but I have read so many "get the kids ready for school" blog posts that for the past two weeks I have verily believed it was August. Not that it really matters, but I like to know at least what month I'm living.

Believing it was August and that summer was drawing to an end, I began my end of season and fall wish lists. Mercifully, I came to my senses before things got really serious.

With pen in hand, I developed a very short list.

I do not need a thing, although I could use a white polo or two, no labels thank you. It's the only clothing item I lose, and haven't a clue why.

A pair of gray flannels. Weight and moths got to my favorite Corbin's a while back, and soon would be a good time to replace them. Naturally, that led to a trip down the rabbit hole of odd associations.

Searching Google for Corbin, one of the first listings was Gitman Brothers. Naturally, I jumped. I have half a closet of Gitman's shirts. Quality and sizing commensurate with the BB of old, they make great shirts. Even with hard wearing they last forever. If Gitman offers Corbin I'm hooked.

The shirts last so long that I never really thought of visiting Gitman's web store. I was both surprised and disappointed. Pleasantly surprised by the quantity of goods on offer, especially the end on end weave cottons in the custom shop, as well as by the price. Comparatively, their on-line pricing isn't much different than their retailers.

I was disappointed in the lack of customization available in their custom goods. Beyond half inch size increments, collar type and monogram color, all other decisions are made for you. Prices are fair, and they do have a large quantity of fabric choices available.

I believe it's fair to say they set their sights on BB and follow their lead on what's available online.

The Corbin selection was minimal at best, but it is early. I'm glad I stopped by.

Tomorrow I'll continue my comparison of on-line semi custom shirt makers. My recommendation may surprise you.



Anonymous said...

I have a closet full of Corbin clothes (they last forever) and am a big fan. I got most of them from the now shuttered Eljos location in Old Town Alexandria. What a loss when that store closed. Good luck with your Fall shopping.

Best regards,


ADG said...

Toad...Gitman is a lower quality shell of what it was twenty five years ago. Corbin is a non-entity...just a name. Before I had (or decided I had!) the $$ to graduate to Polo off the peg, 100% of my suits and sportcoats were Corbin....circa early 80's. It was a solid, family owned house that could be counted on for a good value. It's over. Seek out Hertling flannel trousers for fall. Julie Hertling is still turning out solid stuff in Brooklyn.

Listen, if you need anymore maudlin, downer type comments, just call me!


Anonymous said...

I will defer to ADG with respect to the quality of Corbin clothes now. I tend to keep my clothes for a really long time. This past Sunday I wore a Corbin suit that was purchased in the mid to late 80’s. I have a Gitman Bros. shirt from the same era that I still wear as well.

Best regards,

Lucky Dog / The Commish said...

Gitman, Corbin, H. Freeman & Son (not Hickey who is being saved from banckrupcy by a London-based firm),Oxxford and many other great menswear brand names are now under the ownership of Spencer Hays, founder of The Tom James Company; that's those SOBs that keep calling you to buy custom suits in your office or home.

He buys these once great companies pennies on the dollar when financial troubles surface. Sad.

As one that was in the business 20 years, I can say I believe the former quality is compromised when Spencer gets involved.

Check out Majer if you can find any. Toad, Your "about me" pic is from an old Majer catalog.

Best Regards to all,

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