Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nupts-a most irregular series Followup

In May 2009, I told the story of Christine and Jeffrey which I have repeated, for the new kids below. **************************************************************************

Once again we pay a visit to the pages of the Sunday New York Times Vows section.

Not everything Girls and Boys is for our amusement. Some of these little treasures enlighten, some frighten. The improbability of the first story moved me. If this doesn't defy gravity nothing will.

Lt. Christine and Lt. Jeffrey: Lt C and Lt. J began dating when C was a high school freshman and, and he a sophomore at Homestead High in Mequon, Wisconsin. They broke up when he was accepted to the US Naval Academy. C fixed his ass and went to the US Air Force Academy. Must be one heck of a high school.

Both became pilots, he's a fighter jockey stationed in Virginia Beach, she pilots tankers from a RAF station in England.

They met again at a Navy/AF football game and rekindled their romance. In the mean time he became an Oxford fellow and picked up a masters degree at Oxford.

"She will hopefully be restationed somewhere near Virginia by next year...I can't wait for the two of us to be closer together-it would be nice to take a weekend drive and be able to see her"

And I complained of his and her apartments.


Chris and Jeff are still in military, and haven't seen each other in 6 months.

Since their wedding, Jeff has been deployed in Afghanistan. Chris managed to get herself shipped off to the Far East. As luck would have it Jeff and Chris finally hooked up.

Get your filthy minds out of the gutter, this is for serious.

Military protocol dictates that tanker crews and their customers have no prior knowledge of who, when or where they rendezvous. This coincidently was Jeff's last mission in Afghanistan. Photo was taken by Jeff's wingman. I have tears in my eyes writing this.
The complete story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal is here.


Staircase Witch said...

That is superbly cool. Thank you.

Shelley said...

What an unusual relationship! I hope it makes them both very happy.

James said...

Very inspiring that they both are so dedicated to serving their country.

ADG said...

That was nice.

Paul said...

Wow - that is an amazing story... just loved it!

TWJ said...

Toad, very seldom do I get teared up. Thanks for the good feeling. God bless them.