Friday, July 23, 2010

Winter in July

In the northern hemisphere its summer. In the US, its hot. It's supposed to be hot. That's what summer means.

Lately, there has been a number of bloggers, including me, whinning about how uncomfortable the heat is. Can ever be too hot at the beach?

For those of you, who have gotten out of the kitchen, let these snaps may remind you of better days to come.

Pour a cool drink, sit back and feast your eyes. Your day is coming.

The sadly shuttered Tavern on the Green

NY Central Park

Your street- late for work January

The AAA truck you are waiting for

Working from home today

You, awaiting the subway

Chill, this too shall pass.


James said...

I wish it could be Autumn year round.I'm no fan of winter, but much prefer it to 100 degree days. Still it was a little wicked of you to remind us of whats coming. Thanks as always for a great morning read.

SouthernProletariat said...

You made me laugh this morning. Fortunately, that is not the winter I usually encounter.

Suburban Princess said...

I am with James...beautiful changing leaves, pumpkins, hot chocolate, apple pie, sweaters and sunglasses...that's my kind of day!

Patsy said...

No! I'm not ready!

TWJ said...

It is around 11:00 AM here on the East Coast. I am sitting here on the fantail of a very large ship at the world's largest ship yard. It is already 105 in the shade. Am I ready for winter, no. Six months from now this location will be 10-20 degrees with no wind chill, overcast and icy cold.

Now if I could move my office to that location in the first picture above.

Toad said...

TWJ you are not that far, its the western side of Captiva Island, Fla.

Lily Lemontree said...

Ahh, this is what we all needed, a little reminder of what was and what shall be once again quicker than a wink.
I for one, will stop my complaining immediately, slap on a little sunscreen and venture forth!
Hope you enjoy the balmy weekend!