Sunday, June 27, 2010


Three photos. Three summer looks. I'm besotted

The first shows Prince Charlie at a Cartier Polo match.

It's rare to see the Prince in public looking so casual. Must be the new wife. Perfectly turned out of course. Usually he looks like he has a stick up his *** . Today he simply looks well dressed.

The next photo from The Sartorialist. Ah, to be so young, or so trim. I love this jacket.

Simultaneously, casual, formal, and elegant. Note the opposite of ADG's conceit with the open ticket pocket. There's something about white linen jackets in the summertime.

Finally, also from The Sartorialist. I think this is perfect, and not just for West Palm or Miami Beach. There is something so right about the color. I've kidded myself into thinking I could pull this off, without looking like the Great Pumpkin.

Having spent the last week searching for orange linen jacket material. This is as close as I've come.

I'm just not sure it's heavy enough.



Shelley said...

You look lovely in your white linen! I say go for the pumpkin orange. Just don't button it and do like the model (should I know who he is?) - keep the column of white showing. BTW, in English it's ****.

James said...

Toad you just turned a dreary Sunday morning around.Great photos! HRH looks almost human doesn't he? And you my fiend look like the perfect country squire. I like the orange, but lack the proper attitude to make it work.

Suburban Princess said...

If you can pull of the white, you can pull off the orange. Go for it!!

I just bought hubby an orange polo - I am going to be humming Charlie Brown music now every time he wears it lol!

M.Lane said...

I like the orange too. The Peterman catalog has several Italian linen DB jackets in bright colors and they have been tempting me as well. Can't do orange around these parts as it would make a socio-football statement I don't want to make. Maybe yellow or pale lavender for me.


Toad said...

Mr. L: I've taken a gander at the Peterman jackets, and really like the colors. Sadly, they do not fit the fat man.

LPC said...

But if you wear an orange jacket you just might get swept up and find yourself at a Princeton reunion, all unwitting. Is that really what you want?:)

Toad said...

LPC, while writing this post I was mentally running through the various entities I could be mistakenly identifying with. I could do a lot worse.

ADG said...

Toadie...Keep in mind the pumpkin folly I still have over here in the closet my friend. However, I've just discovered a Southwick Flusser MTM swatch for Fall 2010 that warrants another "pumpkin go"