Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cold Duck- Redux

Too few bloggers have the rare insight to know the instant they press "Publish Post" they have suffered a serious lapse of taste or judgement. Mayhaps the world would be a little better off without that day's post. I was blessed to have that feeling while preparing today's original post.

Instead I leave you with a redux. My apologies. Until tomorrow, hop into the pool and stay there. That's what Mrs. T and I are doing.

Remember the first time you did hand to hand combat with champagne?

Probably someone's wedding reception. Had too much didn't you? The smell, the bubbles. Took years to overcome the memory of the memories. A couple of years at least before you could go back to the well.

Mayhaps, you tip toed back into the fray via Cold Duck.

Cold Duck was the unholy marriage of NY sparkling wine with California red. It wasn't as bad as it sounds. Went down easy, came up fast. Fortunately, I haven't seen it in years.

So now it's wedding season. You're big and supposed to enjoy Champagne. The drug of choice for celebrations. Only in moderation for me please. The memories come back when I least expect them.



Karena said...

Too funy Reggie. I will post soon about my family background the distant cousins of mine, of Roederer Champagne in France

Everything in moderation, most of the time!

Art by Karena

ADG said...

Nothing wrong with redux. I'm all out of em for a while though.

Martha said...

I think Cold Duck died when Andre came out with a very sweet cheap champagne -- that's what's served at most wedding receptions here -- it's no wonder that champagne gets a bad rap . . . . good champagne, chilled properly is heaven!!!!

Bad champagne, no matter how well chilled, is still bad champagne!

And did you know tht the cheap ones came out with strawberry, raspberry, peach and almond champagne?

Suburban Princess said...

Is Cold Duck as dreadful as Asti Spumanti? A mistake I only made once.

Tammy B said...

When our family owned a spirit store, the wine salesman made sure that we had plenty of cold duck for New Year's Eve. A few month's later, he would pick it up. You would think after a couple of years of this, he would learn that no one drinks cold duck anymore.

Mistress Cynica said...

SP, Cold Duck made Asti Spumante look like Veuve Cliquot. My most horrifying memory of Cold Duck is from college days, when one of my friends got sick on it. We were terrified that she was throwing up blood and called an ambulance. House mother was not amused. (I jest realized how much everything in that anecdote dates me. *sigh*)

David said...

I enjoyed the bottle of Dom the mother of Brett's law partner brought to the firm opening party. Other than that I'll take a moderatly priced cava or prosecco any day.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Problem with Champagen is not the is the lack of same as to what one did the last few hours of the evening. The attendant hangover....ugh!!