Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Brooks Bros OCBD

Regular readers may recall I first mentioned this Brook Brothers Oxford Cloth shirt several months ago. While neither fish nor fowl it has intrigued me ever since, and after a successful visit to Uncle Harry's on Friday I finally popped for it.

The shirt is unusually odd. Contrasting white button down collar on a blue candy stripe oxford cloth body. French cuffs in the striped body color. No pocket, with sleeve placket buttons.

Several things make this unusual. Men's contrasting collars, an homage to the days of detachable collars and cuffs, rarely button down, and are almost never oxford cloth. Button down shirts are very rarely equipped with french cuffs. Finally, purists mark the beginning of BB's downfall to the day in 1963 when BB added a pocket to their oxford cloth shirts. I contend, that a gentleman's shirts do not require pockets.

I was quite prepared to pay retail, but at checkout I entered my card number and corporate code, and BB took $51 off. I almost purchased another. I'll show it off when it arrives in early May.



Martha said...

What a classic shirt! I've always been fond of the white color blue stripe shirt. Can't wait to see yours!

Anonymous said...

I've been reborn as an enthusiastic fan of shirt pockets since I got an iPhone.


kathleen said...

My, my. I'm learning a lot. How did you ever acquire all this data on clothing?

Toad said...

Kathleen, I have been wearing clothes a long time and am reasonably fat headed, or perhaps fatuous.

Also, I do enjoy the nuance of well made clothing. While I have little interest in fashion, I do like (am envious of?)style.