Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flicker bulbs?

I promise not to go on forever about New Orleans, but I do have one last observation.

Gas lamps. One of the few remaining cities in the US where you will find a preponderance of old fashioned gas lamps. NO must have stood proud when then they told Jimmy Carter to suck wind. They were not turning their precious gas off.

Gas lantern have come a long way in the last 30 years, but as long as the man in the big truck delivers heat to our house, I'm not yet converting our coach lights to gas. I did discover a suitable substitute though. Flicker bulbs.

Used in moderation they give the appearance of gas light to any chandelier or porch light.

Once again, I realize I'm late to this party, but since they are unavailable in Mayberry (I've checked) I thought I'd pass it on.



Martha said...

We like all kinds of different lightbulbs, none of which are avilable on the prairie, either -- we have to import. However, I have yet to try the flicker bulbs. But alas, I have no outside light to put them in!

I must admit that I do like the light and flame of real gas lights -- do you remember when everyone had a gas light by their front steps?

Toad said...

i clearly remember those beautiful lights, as well as removing them. Thanks, Jimmy

Rechelle said...

I love the gas lights in New Orleans. How I wished for one when we built this house.

Toad said...

Anyone know where to find the bulbs? All I cvan locate are 1 or 3 watt. I concider thse to be dims, not lights.