Sunday, April 26, 2009

Part 2

Stop me if you have heard this before.

We have been awarded a Your Blog is Fabulous Award by the News Reading Wife. Thank you, ma'am. It's a gift that keeps on giving, in that it comes with rules.

Recipients are asked to:
Post the award on your blog. Nominate 10 other blogs and link to them. Send some love back to the person who bestowed the award on you by: a/telling them who you gave it to and posting a link to their site. Let your nominees know that they've received the award.

I take all challenges seriously, sorta. That said, many of my favorite bloggers are black and blue from being tagged more often than a girl cousin at a family reunion. So forgive me if I pass by some of my favorite blogs, and let you in on a few secrets I really enjoy. If you are truly miffed that I did not specifically include you, please include yourself, or complain to me, and I'll publicly apologize and send an award of my own devising to you. No harm done.

In no particular order I nominate the following great blogs for regifting the "Your blog is Fabulous Award".

My first place goes to Gladys of Gladys Tells All. should you ever find yourself feeling a little blue, or in need of a bust upside the head or a belly laugh go see Gladys. G has seen and done more things than anyone else alive. Should you doubt me, ask her.

Rechelle, the Country Doctors Wife of My Sister's Farmhouse deserves this award, if only for posting pix of ribeye steaks being cut off the bone. That day was a carnivores delight. Rechelle is a mom, gardener, friend and and her blog reflects that.

Maxminimus runs a pretty tight ship. This award is self serving since I will soon need to refer to him as "my Liege". Pretty cool guy, with a blog full of cool guy stuff.

Giuseppe of An Affordable Wardrobe: G's blog centers on how he built an incredible wardrobe via thrifting. Pretty tough do as a budding architech, husband, father of two. Always looks sharp and has an opinion he is not afraid to share.

Meg of Pigtown Design. I know you all read her blog. A woman of taste and refinement with a fabulous eye for detail. She is also a good sharer.

Laurel Street Blog: this is a new one on my radar, but since I was so well advised on my recent trip to NOLA, I couldn't pass them up. Part design, part food and spirits, always a good read.

Daryl of Southern Gent is another displaced soul from NO., and one of 3 DC'ers who made the list. Good old boy with a good heart. I believe you will enjoy his writing.

Allie of Summer is a Verb writes a beautiful blog but I fear for her. Too often she turns up in some very unsavory places. Just Friday, she was seen hanging around Maxminimus. Never a good sign, for a stylish attached young woman.

Denise of Eat Play Love. I met Denise at Katy's wedding almost 3 years ago. She probably doesn't know I lurk around her blog with unseemly frequency, and comment most unfrequently. But its true, I do. Denise is a Denverite young mother with a world traveling adventuresome husband. Eat Play Love mostly focuses on a part of my life long over, but she brings back great memories.

Tucker, Longwing, Chris, Admiral Cod you're all in my heart and deserve your own awards. Until then pour a short one on me.



EatPlayLove said...

Oh my, what a nice surprise! And not to mention lovely award badge, I will display it proudly. For the record, I am a subscriber, so I have your back in the definitely reading and working on the clicking through part.

laurelstreet said...

T - Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoy the blog and thought of it for an award. I've certainly received a great deal of pleasure from reading To The Manner Born over the past year. I'm looking forward more great posts from you on style and life. All the best to you and Mrs. T.!

Summer is a Verb said...

I am tickled pink and fairly warned hahahaa!!! I may have to wait for BMOC to return from golfing to do the technical work for me, e.g., applying badge, passing on, ect...In the meantime I think this calls for a celebratory G'town cupcake to nibble on while I peruse my fellow nominees blog's!

Collar's Up!
Allie in G'town

Rechelle said...

No Toad... 'tis your blog that is fabulous and I knew it from the minute I first spied the title all those months ago. I have missed keeping up with everyone during this insane move. I hope to get my links back up soon. Thanks for the award!

Gladys said...

Toad THANK you so very much for this award. I feel so very special. I will take your challenge and go devise my own blog rewards.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for awards Pts. I and 2 - I'm intrigued by the blogs people follow especially if I find a blog - like yours - that I enjoy. I'll have to check out those that you mentioned. I've been enjoying Lines from Linderhof for several weeks now thanks to an earlier posting of yours. But honestly, this patting on the back by fellow bloggers for other bloggers and the free give-a-aways to see who's reading one's blog has just got to come to an end - it is just a bit too self-serving and juvenile. In the meantime, keep up the varying & interesting thoughts.

Toad said...

Anon, I may agree with you that the awards are self serving, I believe the first part of your post is more important.

1. An award kept me going when I was about to stop. I'm grateful for that.

2. It is an opportunity to see some blogs you may not have found so quickly otherwise. That the award drives eyes to great sites,is a side benefit for all.

On that I think we agree.

Giuseppe said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sir Toad.

I started writing Affordable Wardrobe becasue I thought people should know that I guy can be a gent and a cheap bum all at once. Then I kept it up because I began to make some really cool imaginary friends, present company included. And now the accolades...I blush.

I'll see what I can do about all this linking and posting aprt of it, but to be honest, all of what I'd nominate is already in my relatively short links list. Besides, school keps me busy with deadlines, so forgive me if this takes a while.

Again, thank you.


Dickie said...


It may have taken me a few days to catch on to your posting, but thank you so much for the award.

I started SOUTHERN GENT as a creative outlet for myself and to share with friends and family across the country what was on my mind. So to know others enjoy my ramblings as well is a great bonus.

Keep up "TTMB" - it's a great read.



longwing said...

Toad, You are far too kind to even mention me as an also ran. I'm strictly bush league. I only deserve to have my internet connection removed.