Friday, April 3, 2009

Nahlins Part Deux

After Mondays dinner the thought of getting up and doing it again was initially a challenge. Why not Brennans' for brunch we decided.

I hadn't worn a tie in daylight in ages, but suitably attired, Mrs. T and I walked the few blocks to one of my favorite restaurants.

The forecast was hot , muggy with strong winds, heavy rains and large hail anticipated. We ate inside.

One of my favorite endeavours is watching rich people enjoying their leisure. That's why I always enjoy lunch out. I like watching the ladies who lunch, or the rich old geezers out much younger women who are not their wives. Long leisurely lunches are gifts from the heavens.
Brennan's did not disappoint. 

Finest Bloody Mary in America. Greatest brunch place in town.  Ate like kings and queens. The last word in service.

A friend of ours is a chef there. Sadly, he was off that day, but just the mention chopped the bill in half.


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laurelstreet said...

T - Glad you two enjoyed New Orleans. Sounds like you had some great meals - places even we locals love, but don't get out to enough.