Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Commander's Palace

The couple at the next table were worth the price of admission.

He was some indeterminate age, but had me by 8 to 10 years. Maybe more. She was his mother, and was the spitting image of Brooke Astor at 90. Elegant. Trim Chanel suit, silk scarf just so. Sensible pumps.


Tables were close, Mrs T. has never met a stranger, so before long they were best friends. He was offering tips on what to order, who has the best...... I asked the Metarie restaurant question which has been plaguing me, and he allowed that Metarie is not somewhere he would ever willingly choose to go, so couldn't help.

He's entertaining mom with tidbits from Vanity Fair. She's grilling him on commodity prices, crop yields. Just eat your apps and dessert momma, the entree can go home to be warmed up tomorrow. It was priceless.

Then I noticed his suit. I'd never encountered anything like it. It was an expensive navy poplin number. Ladies, in a just world, poplin suits, like seersucker, would be near free. Same color and weight as Brooks, but bespoke., broken in, shiny. Maybe his father's for all I know. Open patch pockets, Mardi Gras purple, green, gold lining to the jacket. You know the expression comfortable in his own skin? He had it in spades in this suit.

So mom gets boring and he's telling Mrs. T. about the plantation he and his brother own. They have the best gumbo there you ever wished for. Mrs. T inquires further, but deep down I know she's lying. She eats girl food. Only. If it contains cajun or creole spice, she'll probably pass. Turns out the old guys plantation is near one owned by her cousin. Certainly, they know each other. Best friends for 30 years. Their wives are better friends.

Small world.

Sadly CP was the only disappointment in our travels. Food was good, service was awful.



Martha said...

It is a small world -- wonderful story!

Gladys said...

Wow what a small world.

hey the only way to experience the CP is at the chef's table.

Toad said...

Now you tell me. I'm not certain he didn't have the day off when we visited.

laurelstreet said...

A classic CP moment!, Thought, it is a shame the service marred the dinner.

I'm with Mr. Poplin - Metairie is not a place that New Orleanians willingly go. Unless they are wearing crash helmets while driving.

News Readin' Wife said...

Small world, indeed.

Disappointing to hear about the poor service at CP.

I wish you could have gotten a picture of the suit's lining. It sounds very fun!

Thought of you the other day when I stopped into Wm. King's.

Toad said...

Is Wm King the shop that has(d) the southern proper tie that just sorta kinda reminds you of the Paul Stuart guy? Obviously, I don't remember it, but remember liking it.

Toad said...

"The Man"?
A picture is at Southern Proper's custom page