Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Banned in Boston

Newcomers, this is my bonus daughter Mindy. She is a college junior matriculating in Boston. Today is her 21st birthday. Her mother is hoping that upon reaching her majority, Mindy may be at least half way through the I know everything, you know squat phase. Another 10-15 years ought to put that argument to rest.

On the other hand, not for a minute will I suggest she is new to spirits, but just in case you happen to be in Beantown today, and thinking about taking your life in your hands on public highways and byways use extra caution, especially after sundown. Classes are over for this term, and she starts late.

Just sayin'.



Mrs. Blandings said...

I didn't move fully out of that phase until I had children. Then it was like flipping a switch.

ADG said...

LFG...my perfect eight year old princess is never, ever, ever going to grow up.

Allow me please, this profound level of denial.

lady jicky said...

I wish your daughter a Happy birthday .
I have a daughter who is 35 and she still knows everything - now I have a son-in-law that knows everything too! Great Huh?

Giuseppe said...

I'll try to be careful.