Saturday, April 11, 2009

Roscoe the flying squirrel

Roscoe the flying squirrel is the one on the left. I believe.

Number one son and his family spent a week or so with us last month, and I just discovered this picture, although I remember talking about it at the time.  Mrs. T and I were heading out for the evening and somehow Roscoe ended up with a kiss on the forehead, from just sticked lips.



ADG said...

Sublime. As my little "Roscoe" still sleeps this morning, it's nice to see such a delightful little gal on your blog.

By the way, LFG and I play cards every time we are dining at our neighborhood Mexican joint and always, we play cards while waiting...Crazy Eights. We watched the clip of the card trick artist dealing from the bottom of the deck. LFG thought it was scandalous when he used the word "hell".

Don't tell her mother that I'm exposing her to such.


kathleen said...

Ah, very sweet.

Anonymous said...