Friday, April 3, 2009

Imagine the madness

To catch up a bit.

Mrs. T won a trip for two several months ago. We were able to pick from a range of destinations, and selected Nahlins. We hadn't been there since her son's graduation from Tulane the spring before Katrina. Its warmer there than here and we've heard the food is pretty good.


So we left Monday afternoon, were met at the airport by a very nice man in a large shiny car. Arrived at the hotel, checked in, went to our suite and 5 minutes later was a knock at the door.

The concierge very politely welcomed us, wanted us to know the city was at our feet, reminded us of some of the better places, the off the tourist track places and dives. In closing he asked if we had dinner plans and how could he help. We asked he make reservations at Broussards. He said you'll want this then and handed over $500 cash. Enjoy your stay he said.

Imagine giving a fat man $500 to eat with in the Big Easy.

Before I tell you about Brussards let me share a little philosophy. Generally, Mrs T. and I enjoy good restaurants for the food. While out in Mayberry, we are perfectly content to eat dinner early, while the kitchen is gearing up for the mad evening rush, or even a late lunch, as long as we can linger. Dinner as competition, or to so see what neat guy is there is lost on us. Dinner at 6:30 it was.
Brussards is heaven.

The French Quarter was without power for most of the weekend. We were happy to see the world back in its orbit. The advantage of dining early is the staff still has time to be attentive. To linger, to tell you a story, to be people instead of robots. You get first dibs on the better cuts, fresh ingredients, love instead of rote.

The dinning room wasn't crowded, in fact nothing was crowded. We ate outside. The owner's young children played in the courtyard with us. I had the crab cake and smoked salmon appetizer, the chicken gumbo, roast duck with cherries, and chocolate pecan pie, coffee, gin, wine and brandy.

I had to carry the swooning Mrs. T home.

It was an extraordinary meal. The staff attentive, the setting ideal. I'd eat there every other day if I had the opportunity. Tomorrow, Tuesday at Brennan's.



Martha said...

Sounds like a great meal. And yes, we like to linger as well and so often restaurants want to turn tables and hurry you out!

David said...

That's the very thing I love about restaurants in Europe, or in Spain and France at least. You ask for the check, because they're not about to rush you out.

Broussards sounds wonderful, and welcome home!

Gladys said...

Broussards... Antoines....Court of Two Sisters....Brennan's...NOLA's...

I am drooling with envy.