Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shirts part 2

I've been searching for a navy/white gingham shirt for several weeks, with no luck.

So finally, I check out 3 Lunch Apple's tailor, Harvie and Hudson of St James and Knightsbridge, London. Not only do they have it, its on sale, 3 for 2. My favorite POW check as well. My size too. 3 shirts GBP 100.

So I'm doing my best calculating. Less VAT, plus shipping equals what? Finally it hit me. Shipping is GBP20!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do they get off. It's cheaper to go there. Know any alternatives?



Anonymous said...

Mine is from Cutter & Buck, don't know if it still available

Turling said...

Know any alternatives on the shipping? No. Get on a plane. Books, ties, shoes and gin cost me an arm and a leg more.

I was going to purchase a kit for my infant daughter from my favorite football club, only to find the shipping was more than the kit!!! I took a magic marker to a white t-shirt. She's one. Like she knows the difference.

Anonymous said...

20 Pounds is nothing. Cordings wants 30! (I'd be a customer for their tattersalls if it wasn't for that) Try Charles Tyrwhitt. Cheap shipping and priced in dollars (but made in China now). Or David Mercer if you like traditional, made in USA, must-iron shirts. Expensive, but made on your order and David Mercer is a hell of a nice guy to deal with. You can google either right up.


kathleen said...

I don't know. It's a shirt that you really like. Go ahead. You'll put the pain of shipping behind you, once you see those shirts.

Toad said...

Kathleen, you are probably correct, it's mostly the principle. I don't appreciate knowingly being taken.

Toad said...

No thanks to Kathleen who egged me on, I popped for the shirts. Thank you for the encouragement.