Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grey Gardens

HBO has remade Grey Gardens, and will be airing it near continuously for the next week or so. Would ANYONE give a hoot about these women if they were not Jackie O's relatives? We each know women like Big Edie and Little Edie, and cross the street to avoid them, lest they be catchy.

Since there is no compelling reason to remake the classic original, this vanity project wouldn't have anything to do with the property value of the Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn's new house would it?



Mom on the Run said...

Every town has its crazy old ladies, no doubt! I listened to an interview with Drew Barrymore on Fresh Air on NPR earlier in the week about this project, and it didn't make me want to see it. Although she is remarkably well adjusted for the childhood she endured.

Kathy said...

I does strike me as rubbernecking. So awful you can't help looking.

Sweetbriar said...

A bit late to the topic, but I just discovered your blog and, coincindentally, just saw the HBO version this week. I loved the dark blue and indigo rooms and even the richness of the clothes. It made me happy to see the very shades of colour I love right now.

As to Beale women, it's a story of love, the love that sticks with it even when the fun and frippery have long gone. What are we to do about our crazy, unpleasant relatives? Only love remains.

I don't know that the HBO version does so much for the Bradlee's property as it refers people to the original documentary. Whether we like the women or their lives doesn't matter, it's good to consider them honestly and plainly, much as the ladies themselves.