Monday, April 6, 2009


If you are fortunate enough to garden in a community with 4 seasons, eventually you will come to appreciate ALDF, the average last day of frost. It's a guide for the unwary.

Each March, as the days begin to warm, Lowe's Depot and their ilk begin to display their annual and perennial flower selections. Be careful, it's a trap.

With the warming days, you begin thinking about doing some planting for Easter. Family is coming over, it would be nice to add some color to the garden. Sucks 'em in every time.

As a counterpoint take a look at the full time garden shops. Nary a flower. Why? They know the ALDF. It's coming, but its not here yet.

In Mayberry, the average last day of frost is April 15th. I've been caught out on the 12th and 14th before, a sadder but wiser man go I.

For the past several weeks we have been in a rut. A day of 50, then 60 something , then 70 then back to 50. Those in a rush to plant before Easter once again have mother nature to contend with.

Saturday was 60 something, Sunday 50 is expected. Snow and a high of 35 forecast for Monday, frost Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Every year they suck in the new, the unwary. It oughtta be a crime.



Martha said...

Ah, but Mother Nature gets sucked in too! I have tulips, hyacinths and jonquils blooming in the garden . . . it was so pretty. And now it is bare once again -- but at least LInderhof is filled with vases and vases of bloom!

I patiently wait for annuals until after the 15th -- for I don't want to do it twice. Sometimes the pickin's are slim for everybody's already planted ahead of me!

Mom on the Run said...

In the South, the traditional start to spring planting is Good Friday. We're getting a cold blast these first two days and then it should be over. They don't sell those Easter outfits with little matching coats here like they do in the Midwest!

Turling said...

I don't know how you do it with all of those irritating weather changes to contend with. Hot and not-quite-as-hot are the only two I have to deal with. My plants still die. Go figure.

Katy McIntyre said...

I think our ALDF is around the middle of June. :(
I'm in a funk and need spring. I'm tired of being cold.

Toad said...

The current forecast is snow for Easter, so no one around here is rushing to plant on Good Friday.

Gladys said...

My mother was a savant when it came to gardening. She would say wait until after Easter. Sure enough her neighbors would put out their plants only to have to replant after the last snowfall or ice storm shortly after Easter.

We are having lovely weather this week. Temps well above 50 but I'm not fooled...they are calling for snow by the weekend. :(

Giuseppe said...

Up in Boston, we're about a month, maybe six weeks, from planting veggies.

Katy, I'd say you're being a bit melodramtic, but what with the cancelation today of the opening game at Fenway Park, I'm inclined to agree with you.

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