Thursday, April 9, 2009

I stake my claim on Perlis

Ladies and Gentlemen, I stake my claim to being the first adult to arrive at Perlis Clothiers, 6070 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, on foot, after having taken public transportation, since the introduction of the air conditioned automobile. You may contact Guinness for confirmation.

I, on the other hand confirm my order for a Guinness.

I mentioned to Mrs. T. at brunch that I was going out for the afternoon. She was welcome to come, but I hoped she had other plans.

So under the threat of severe storms and heavy hail, I hopped the St. Charles streetcar from the edge of the French Quarter to my intended stop at Webster and hoofed the 6 or 8 blocks to Magazine. Have I mentioned it was warm? Humid is understood, it is NO after all. Mercifully, the storms and hail held off.

Perlis is the place where the local Preppies live. I had a ball. Usual brands, with a most knowledgeable and helpful staff. I went for the white suit experience. One of the few places in the US where a man could pull this stunt off with a straight face. They probably had 100 running feet of racks of white linen suits.

It wasn't till later that I remembered what this reminded me of.

Ever take your sons, or perhaps recall your own experience, to that place where little boys get their First Communion suits? Just like that only for big boys. Sizes well into the 60's, just in case Sidney Greenstreet happened by.

What amazed me most of all was that the store was packed. Tuesday afternoon, heavy storms predicted. All I could figure was that must be the pre-Easter crowd, or it's just that good.

New suit arrived yesterday. Fits perfectly, and its just white enough to attract every mote of dirt, dog paw or wayward drip within 25 feet. Next week, I'm ordering the elusive gray/white seersucker suit.



Giuseppe said...

My grabdfather, Francesco, was a tailor. He made my cousin Brian a white suit for his first communion, then it was altered for My cousin David, then it was altered for me, and then for my brother.

The occasion marked two "first and only" s for me: first and only time I wore clothes handmamde by my grandfather, first and only time I wore a full white suit.

8 years old...sigh...

Martha said...

And do we get to see a picture of said Toad in said white suit?

Dickie said...

Toad - I have been going to Perlis since they started carrying our school uniform in Lower School. Everyone in New Orleans has their guy - whether a waiter or sales man - our is (as well as the rest of New Orleans') is Pat. He's wonderful.

Enjoy the linen - half the fun is it getting dirty and remembering the fun evening some Belle got lipstick on your collar, red wine droplets on your sleeve or those mud splatters around the cuff. It's called Character!

Cheers - DAM

ADG said...

Ok Toad..."Man Up" and post a pic of you in the suit.


Toad said...

Dickie I am so glad you showed up. I waited all fall for you to begin your blog. By the time you began I lost the name.

I'm glad to see you're finally at it, but apologize for being so remiss.

longwing said...

Perlis was my college shop. Fraternity house used to be on Henry Clay. I hear AT2 across the street is no more. Too bad. My folks set me up with an account on orientation week 1976. Different building, same location.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

They do mail order? Grey and white seersucker is hard-to-find. I've got one white linen suit, but would love a DB or 3pc... Mrs. E. is gonna hate me.