Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who'd of thunk

All Photos from The Other Paper

I've noticed that things go downhill rapidly once a man tells a woman that she "must" do something. Musts tend to be deal breakers which quickly escalate to cold hearted revenge. It's a bad deal for everyone.

Last fall I wrote about the efforts of several international sports organizations who upon the advice of expensive media consultants, told their female competitors that they must wear skirts or dresses during matches, to improve the television image of their sport i.e. sex it up. The London Olympics were anticipated as ground zero for the new religion.

It began with women's boxing which becomes an Olympic event this year. With headgear on the athletes, Joe 6 pack was suspected of be unable to discern what he was watching.

Put the girls in skirts so everyone can tell at a glance, so the thinking went. Badminton's authorities drank the Kool-Aid as well a several other international sports bodies.

The women's opposition was fierce, vocal and swift. Backpedaling by the authorities began immediately with promises of revised uniform codes for men and women athletes in time for the Olympics. And so they did. You won't be seeing many skirts during the London O's.



NCJack said...

Just so long as they don't tell the women pole vaulters how to dress...Holy Glutei, Batman!!

Old Polo said...

Please Lord, instill common sense.
What next, women polo players in tutu's?