Monday, May 7, 2012

Too few variations on a theme

The whole premise of the auction racket is founded on mitigating the self loathing which follows being outbid. I told myself I wasn't going to play that game, I wasn't a bad person, a cheap bastard perhaps, outplayed this time but tomorrow is another day. All because I was sniped by someone willing to pay more for the Ralph spectators shown above.

Still grumbling to myself I walked into the closet and stumbled over these.

Ralph's driving mocs. Not especially good looking, but so very comfortable. I picked them up last year, put them away in the fall, and forgot about them over the winter. Dusting them off set off alarm bells in my head. Where were my Easter shoes, which weren't my Easter shoes after all?

After a brief search I found them. Just where I left them.

Egged on by my personal enabler, I snapped these off the bargain counter at EBAY. Ralph's calf and suede spectators. Strikingly similar to the pair I missed out on.

Oldtimers is clearly advancing rapidly. While rotating the summer/winter clothes in/out of storage I turned on the closet light I faced this.

White, bright white, sorta white, tan, kinda tan, sorta tan, with the odd seersucker and poplin tossed in for good measure. I've inadvertently created a summer uniform for myself seemingly with no conscious memory of what is hanging awaiting its next turn. Either that or I'm going color blind too.

I need to take the cure.



Amy said...

There's something to be said for consistency, and at that, sir, you are the winner.

Thanks for a good chuckle!

ADG said...

I did the closet changeover last week. And all of my summer pants with the exception of the GTH subset...are tan linen. I'm closing in on you. But you knew that already. Your spectators with the brogueing are better looking than the ones you lost out on.

And finally, I've long since given up on the last minute ebay pissing contest bidding thing. Sign up for Auction Stealer dot com. Put in your maximum bid and let them do it for you.

Dustin B. said...

Look on the bright side: it's like Christmas all year round, as you're repeatedly surprised by what's in your closet!

Anonymous said...

"I need to take the cure."

The Cure, coming to your home any day now:


Old Polo said...

Thanks to ADG for the tip. The cure, at this time of year, would most probably be a couple of gin and tonics. Since I don't wear suits and nice shoes for my line of work I find it fascinating to snoop into well dressed gents closets. Thanks for satisfying my voyerism Toad. By the way, do you carry a brief case? And your daily driver is...?

Toad said...

I retired a fourteen years ago. My Lands End canvas briefcase lies unopened in its cubby a few paces behind me.

I gave my car away to my youngest son 3 summers ago, so I don't have a daily driver (I share Mrs. T's) although I may rectify that in a few days.

Sad but true.