Friday, May 18, 2012


History is littered with examples of the mighty's attempts to expand their worldly titles and prestige. Picture Henry VIII. He was lord and master of all England, but turned his entire world upside down in an attempt to earn the title father (of a son).

In modern America, a particular male curse is to self identify with your occupation. You are what you do. It keeps business card printers happy. Ask most women and they will tell you their most important title is mom, all else pales in comparison. Yesterday, I was awarded a new title, GP1R, and I'm the only one in the world with it.

Mrs. T and I take an expansive view of what constitutes a family. People enter our lives and become part of our family and we part of theirs. Sometimes for life, sometimes as needed, all have a forever piece of our hearts, wherever they may be. This past week our favorite forever couple had their first child. Mother and father were blessed with a perfect son.

Having the requisite number of parents and siblings on each side of their parental families, my newest bff didn't need an additional grandpa or uncle, so by unanimous consent I became the self titled Grand Pa Once Removed: GP1R . It is the greatest title in the world. You should be so lucky.

My best wishes to the new parents, and my new buddy.



Pink Benny said...

You, my friend, are one of the wealthiest men on planet Earth. You "get" what life is all about. Congrats to you, and you new BFF's family. Long and happy lives to all of you.

Anonymous said...

"You, my friend, are one of the wealthiest men on planet Earth. You 'get' what life is all about."

So, so true. Congratulations GP1R! And which little seersucker onsie did you select for this fine young man?


Toad said...

Thank you! This has been a most wonderful week. The onesie is a great idea, I'm off to the store.

Patsy said...

Oh joy! Congrats GP1R!