Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let us give thanks for....

Had you forgotten that the London Olympics are approaching?

In an effort to sex up the games, several international sports organizations hired consultants to make suggestions on how to make female athletes "more attractive". For instance, last May, the Badminton World Federation in an effort to make a more "attractive presentation" instituted the Skirt Rule for its women members. "We just want them to look feminine and have a nice presentation so women will be more popular" said the sport's mouthpiece.

It took the women less than a week to have the rule tossed. New uniform standards for both men and women are expected in December.

Sex of course sells, and few athletes are sexier than women boxers. The Amateur International Boxing Association,preparing for women's boxing's first Olympic participation, is taking a page from the Badminton World Federation. The AIBA worries that television viewers may be unable to distinguish male from female boxers. (I wish I were clever enough to make this stuff up.) Their solution? World wide eye exams? No. Mandatory 3D HD television reception? Nada

The AIBA wants female boxers to wear, wait for it...Skirts in the 2012 Olympics. How hot would that be?

In a just world, women's hockey would hire the same image advisers. Gymnastic burkas anyone?



YONKS said...

Bunch of sexist pigs! However, I did like the fashion some years back when the female players at Wimbledon all wore really frilly knickers. I rushed out to buy some!

Shelley said...

Funny, I don't really sense a great deal of excitement over here in Britain about the London Olympics. I remember waaay back when Denver turned it down, saying it cost too much and wasn't economically viable (such considerations have never crossed Parliament's mind, I'm sure). Denver apparently didn't need the 'glory'. Anywhere I've been in Europe, the Olympic 'villages' are vast, underused spaces. I think the Olympics should have it's own island, like Monaco, funded only by the athletics activities. Actually, Club LaSanta on Lanzerote would be a great place to start!

James said...

Frankly I had. Shelly makes a good point.

Dovecote Decor said...

Well form follows function for performance athletes, but yes they could possibly style up a tad--men and women. The L.A. Olympics in 1984 were organized by Peter Uberroth. They were highly profitable. We had a blast!!

Linda McMullan said...

Okay, wait. Wait. I'm trying to get my head around this. Female athlete trains most of her life to get to Olympics. Her sport is boxing. She is fine tuned, in her zone. Ready to compete on the World Stage.

Time out! Go put on some makeup, style your hair in an appealing fashion, and put on a flippy little skirt, so that when you deck your competition, your rear end will look flirty to all the male viewers around the world and they will "Like" the Olympics better?? Are you SERIOUS??

Toad said...

Linda: yours has been the worldwide reaction amongst athletes, women's groups, and thinking persons worldwide, save for Muslim countries, whose women are anti-skirt for religious reasons.

While I don't (yet?) watch a lot of women's boxing, I hope to god I am able to determine whether I am watching men or women in a ring. When that day comes I can't, skirts won't be necessary.

LPC said...

To borrow from my children, oh. my. god.


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