Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In today's gratitude journal

Today's gratitude journal entry deals with the yin and yang of power washers. I am grateful today that home power washers were unavailable during my misspent youth and childhood. Had they been available, my father who would have lived and died a PW virgin, most certainly would have powerfully embraced this technology. He was a navy man and a Marine. He liked things clean, ship shape. My summer afternoons on the ball fields would more likely have been spent stripping paint off the garage again, or cleaning sidewalks.

On the flip side I am as happy as a clam to have one. I was taught by a master the importance of keeping things clean and tidy. Friends aver their washers are strong enough to strip paint off speeding locomotives, but I have little opportunity and no need for such manly displays of power. Instead, my little machine is perfectly suited for cleaning dirt off pool decks, removing mold from siding and patio furniture, and cleaning a filthy car. It's slow work, but I have time. Time which I am also grateful for.


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