Thursday, May 10, 2012

Seersucker Thursday

Maxminimus Photo

The U.S. Senate has modified their traditional Seersucker Thursday observance by declaring every Thursday in season Seersucker Thursday. To honor their ability to agree on something, I offer a bit of seersucker advice.

Outside the South, the ubiquitous blue/white seersucker may be off putting. Some believe its too costumey, and it easily can be, especially when paired with white bucks, bow tie and straw boater. If your suit is wearing you, you'll won't feel good or look good, so always leave the boater at home, you're too young.

I also recommend that newby's first dip their toe in the water of seersucker. Once you learn the advantages of this miracle cloth you will wear it comfortably all summer.

Try this. Buy a suit, they are not expensive. Haspel makes a great one at little cost. Cuff the pants (the lighweight fabric needs the weight of cuffs to drape properly, and no break, ever, on anything). First few times, split it up. Wear the pants with a summer blazer, or the coat with a pair of khakis and polo shirt. You'll look good, be comfortable and garner many compliments.

Overstock photo

If blue/white seersucker doesn't suit your coloring or style try one of the other options. Overstock has on offer a tan/white Adolfo suit for $100 with all the trimmings. Try it you'll like it, and won't look like your grandfather.



Southland Trad said...

Thank you for the heads-up on the tan/white suit on Overstock! I picked one up. For $100, you can't really go wrong.

Toad said...

Let us know how you like it. Mine arrived today, and it may be as much tan and white stripe as seersucker but it fits perfectly out of the box, looks good and is as light as a feather. I like it.

David Bagwell said...

Just rememember: generally speaking only a white shirt should be worn with seersucker. Maybe very light pink. Seldom blue.

Toad said...

Also, seersucker is day wear.