Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I have been without a daily driver since donating mine to my youngest in August, 2009. I've hardly missed being without wheels until recently. If need be Camilla is in the barn raring to go. Fortunately, that hasn't been necessary, but lately I have yearned for a car.

Sleeping next to Camilla these past 6 years is Hilda (shown above). Hilda was here first in fact. She hasn't seen sunlight in 8 years. The day Hilda's owner got a company car he drove her into what's now our barn and hasn't seen her since.

Having caught stupid I approached the owner and asked if he would consider selling her. You betcha came his reply.

Now here is an example of how men and women differ. Women are often falsely accused of thinking emotionally. That normally isn't true. Not many women have old tarp covered cars taking space in their garage. Many men do. Ergo, women are smarter than men.

I have agreed to buy a car that I have no idea how many miles are on it or how mechanically sound it may be, yet I do know considerable expense and hassle will be required to make it driveable. A true barn find, only this time the barn was my own. My bride wishes to kill me.



Pink Benny said...

To Hell with women and their thoughts. That's a GREAT find. Git 'er runnin' and have some fun!

Anonymous said...

What Pink Bunny said!

Poor sad Hilda. Call the tow truck, have Hilda towed to the repair garage, pay the bill....then decide if she's gonna stay, or if she's gonna get listed on eBay Motors or Craig's List.

-Worried about Hilda's mental health

Old Polo said...

Good for you Toad! Best cars I ever owned were BMW's. Alot older than Hilda and longer ago than Hildas' age. I now have two cars, the 1960 Bugeye Sprite had not seen pavement roll under its' wheels for three years until last week and a 1965 Land Rover with brake and transmission issues. We all need hobbies and the economy needs movement. Go do your part!

Toad said...

I'm hoping to do much of the work myself, starting with the gas tank. I can't imagine the goo the rots inside there. Then it's up on the lift.

At least I know what I'm doing this summer

Wiley said...

Awesome! Welcome to the insane madness of men and our beloved machines. My advice is to do as much work as you can yourself.

Learn what you are doing and love your car. Get on the internet and join the BMW forum. Be sure to mention you are female and you will receive better than average advice, offers of free parts and help and possibly even free dinners in swanky restuarants(us guys spend alot of time trying to convert the female race into gearheads so we can be left alone in our garages).

Guys love nothing more than to perpetute the fantasy that there are women in this world who love old project cars and work on them with that same passioned glint in their eyes as we do.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love well aged gast tank booze.

Old Polo said...

Drop the tank, take it to a radiator shop and have 'em boil it out and line it. Stick it back in and go from there.

ADG said...

My all time favorite hardtop was my 1989 318is...the fun quotient was off the hook. I drove it for almost 200k before we broke up.

Have fun.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth said...

Ah the beloved E30 325 cabrio (I'm guessing this is an '87 by the bumpers?). Please tell me this is a five-speed. Mileage does not matter as the M20 is pretty bullet-proof as is the clutch if it is a manual. Once you are finished replacing the rotor/cap/plugs/wires, cleaning the gunk out of the gas tank, replacing the battery and ditching the hockey puck tires, do a timing belt. It is the car's one acchiles heel. After that, prepare to enjoy one of the best cars ever made. Promise.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth said...

Dear Wiley,
I am one of those women you seem to be under the impression are simply an urban myth. Attend a High Performance Driver's School at Watkins Glen some day and you may be lucky enough to get me as your instructor.
Elizabeth "Speedy" Millinghausen

Toad said...

Elizabeth: she is a '90, 5 speed, one owner full service record until 2004 when she was parked. I expect to follow your plan of action including replacing all the fluids and belts, beginning in the next week.

Some day I hope to see you at WG.

Anonymous said...

"I am one of those women you seem to be under the impression are simply an urban myth. Attend a High Performance Driver's School at Watkins Glen some day and you may be lucky enough to get me as your instructor."

Yo! Elizabeth's 2 entries are breathtaking, and just more proof that one must check the Comments days later or something remarkable and inspiring may be missed.