Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Tin Man

21 Club NYC

Racing stables need lawn jockeys painted in their colors. They may be required, but what is a new racing stable, yet without colors, or a horse to do?

Fearing someone at the Triple Crown office will eventually ask our horse's name, our stable's name and colors I decided preparation was in order. It's important the racing set get our names right in the program.

Equestrian Style

Like most of life's difficulties, the solution is often obvious once you get the questions right. I began at the bottom, by reading How to start a Horse Breeding Farm. Step one: "Bring lots of money". Clearly, the wrong question.

Being a visual learner I visited Lawn Jock to see what they could tell me about our necessary accessory. They recommended an unfinished lawn jockey, which costs $150 less than a painted one and allows me to create my own customized piece of yard art whenever the mood strikes.

With paint brush and beer can in hand I'm able to change the colors every day.

Equestrian Style

Mercifully, I am blessed with neither creativity nor discernible painting talent, so smears, runs or drips can be interpreted as modern art. I'm thinking a nice tan and white seersucker jacket and white linen pants on our talisman.



Anonymous said...

"I am blessed with neither creativity nor discernible painting talent"

Megtown to the rescue!

Meg can photoshop your seersucker jacket onto that lawn jock, just to get a preview to see if you like it, what else you want him to wear, a vest with that? Belgians?

Meg? Are you reading?


Pigtown*Design said...

flo, honey... i can photoshop anything! and i'd be happy to do it for toad!

Toad said...

You two are incorrigible

Patsy said...

Maybe you could have teeny little silks made, so you could just change his outfit everyday?

Toad said...

Instead of Belgians, perhaps Wellies?

Anonymous said...

"Maybe you could have teeny little silks made..."

I can't stop laffin......


Toad said...

what if we skipped the lawn jockey, found an organ grinder and dressed he and his monkey in silks? A twofer

Anonymous said...

A twofer? Unless your organ grinder moonlights as a BMW mechanic and agrees to sleep in Camilla's back seat, I don't see no "twofer" anywhere in sight.

Buy that unfinished lawn jock!