Monday, May 21, 2012

Victoria Day

American's are exempt by law from knowing about things Canadian, but it's just good manners to know something about our good neighbors to the north. That way should you ever encounter a Canadian you can speak frankly about more than Alex Trebek and Neil Young. For instance today throughout Canada are celebrations held in honor of Victoria Day, the birthday of Queen Victoria of Great Britain (May 24) a holiday which strengthens Canada's close relationship to the British Commonwealth. In that regard it is not unlike the Southern California holiday Susan Dey.

With a population of around 33 million, the world largest natural resource reserves, second largest oil reserves, stellar environmental and human rights policies and which deservedly prides itself on its multi-culturalism, Canada has much to celebrate today.

Canadians celebrate Victoria Day much the same way we will celebrate Memorial Day next weekend, with firework displays, parades, marching bands, and picnics, bar b ques and copious 2-4's. (Up North a case of beer is called a 2-4, it's considerate to share amongst friends.

Holiday customs change the farther north you go. In many parts of the Yukon, Victoria Day is the day set aside for Summer. With luck, the lake has thawed and the locals take their annual bath. Farther south, fishing without a drill is practiced. Closer to Montana the locals may even take on a bit of farming.

Today,we join you in spirit dear neighbors. We have much to learn from you.



U.S. Expat in British Columbia said...

Canada is the best of the U.S. plus proper human rights, environmental, and multiculturalism policies.

Mom on the Run said...

Before Al Gore purchased News World International and turned it into the travesty that is Current Television, I enjoyed watching "The National" and CBN news updates all day long.

Fascinatingly different. I miss it, although I could watch online. Canada is an interesting country we know too little about here in the US of A.

Pink Benny said...

Lived one year in Canada in the early
1970s. Canadians are among the finest people in the world. Kind and unpretentious, they are of good spirit and have always been the "quiet" good neighbors of the United States. Enjoy the holiday, my northern friends!

GP said...

Do real Canadians blog? Noting their reputation for rectitude, a close Canadian friend confinded that his time in the States is always highly entertaining: "We come to observe Americans displaying in public their emotions..." Maybe Victoria day includes a proverbial stiff upper lip.

Toad said...

GP, I highly recommend the Suburban Princess. Canada at its best.

Suburban Princess said...

Great post! I am looking forward to a walk on the beach and fireworks tonight :O)

Thanks for the recommendation! I have been lax in my blogging lately but I have some posts lined up for this week :O) Lots of photos of my trip!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, this is just the fantasy material I needed for today. Here's a map of Canada with province maps lower down the page. Now where exactly should a couple of old people fantasize moving/retiring? We are misanthropes who prefer uncrowded natural beauty/rusticity, a waterfront cabin sounds about perfect.


Patsy said...

I plan on celebrating Susan Dey by grilling some partridges and going for a bus ride with my family.

Anonymous said...

Loved SD on LALaw, especially the bits between her Gracie and Hamlin's Cusack/Kusack/sp?, extra good banter.