Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Me in a decade?

I came across this photo from an ehow article on the history of seersucker. The story told nothing but this photo spoke. Wouldn't you want to get to know this man, to spend time on his porch, drinking his beer and listening to his stories.

Maybe in a decade or so I'd be able to pull off this look without laughing at myself.



bedroom designs said...

Me in a decade?
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Anonymous said...

Hm; hm?


-Older than you

Toad said...

I don't believe I care to know. It may force me to change some of my ways and I don't want to, yet.

Anonymous said...

I get a feeling that this nice fellow's "beer" comes in a brown jug with 3 "x"'s on it.

Toad said...

Sadly, his beard's clean and judging by the color it doesn't appear he smokes. That makes it hard to bum a cigar off him.

Southland Trad said...

I'm right there with you Toad - I too look forward to the day I can pull this off. Although, like Larry David said about his silly hat in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, "I'm married, I can wear whatever I want." ;-)

Old Polo said...

Toad, You are always welcome to drink my beer and if you come, I will find good cigars. We could even take the land rover to the ranch!

Anonymous said...

Beer? Please. Clearly he's a whisky drinker.