Thursday, May 3, 2012


I am a professional project starter. Often endings come more slowly than my bride would prefer, but occasionally I find a project that checks all my boxes and I'm on it beginning to end. I started one of those several days ago.

We've an unscented local variety of honeysuckle bush which if left alone will take over, killing everything in its path, a local kudzu. Our honeysuckle patch has been left alone too long.

The quarter acre between the pool and the barn hasn't been cleared for many years. From the pool deck, I could no longer see the barn, which is less than 75 feet away.

With sudden inspiration, I grabbed my long handled shears and began to cut. The first day it was simply good to be outside, although discouraging since I wasn't making an apparent progress.( I prefer tasks with instant gratification.)
On day 3, I could finally see results and the poison ivy started to kick in.

I now have a stack of honeysuckle, small trees and rotting wood waiting for the chipper which is larger than my first house, with probably another few week's work and an acre or two to go. By then the poison ivy may have cleared.

Yesterday as I finished for the day, Mrs. T asked what I planned on doing with my new found patch of woodland. I showed her the photo from Tumblr below.

A field of mop head hydrangeas. "The deer will be orgasmic" I replied.



James said...

Wow! Toad you are a man among men. Just looking at the pictures made me tired.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, the bird's nest in picture #2, they always touch my heart so, did you save it by chance?

The barn, is that where Camilla sleeps? And what an elegant stone wall, your land is gorgeous, oh how I wish we had a barn like that too.


ADG said...

I have GOT to start reading blogs again! That was a great little story. How's the itchin'?

Toad said...

I discovered the nest while removing the bush. No harm in leaving it there until the eggs hatch and the little ones have time to grow.

Yes that is Camilla's house, and Hilda's too.

Anonymous said...

"No harm in leaving it there until the eggs hatch and the little ones have time to grow."

Ohhhh, it had eggs in it, ah!


Anonymous said...

"Mrs. T asked what I planned on doing with my new found patch of woodland."


Toad said...

Mayhaps if I hitched the dogs to a cart....

I want a flat piece of ground 2 miles to the rr station for a pathway.

Old Polo said...

You Sir, are a man of many talents. Good work my Friend. I hope that you are rewarded with abounding response from the hydranga, that Camilla enjoys the view of your castle and all of the fledglings enjoy adulthood.

Toad said...

Thank you OP, all is well.

Anonymous said...

Toad -
Use a hairdryer on the poison ivy, it releases the histamines and can give you hours of relief.