Thursday, May 24, 2012


There is a rule of thumb at our house which pertains to selecting which movies to see, which has stood the test of time. Perhaps it may help you as well.

As a rule, the better the trailer the worse the movie. The 3D trailer for the Christmas release of The Great Gatsby was released recently. Have you seen it? It looks and feels like the greatest beer commercial you've ever seen.

For better or worse the trailer corollary doesn't hold true. Bad trailers derive from bad movies.



Ralflorins said...

There was no need whatsoever to make this movie. Redford's Gatsby can't be beaten.

M.Lane said...

I agree Redford is hard to beat but then I didnt think they would ever top Wayne's Rooster Cogburn and they came darn close.

I'm looking forward to it.

1. Can't have too much Fitzgerald or Gatsby about, and

2. DeCaprio is always great.

Open the champagne bottles! Its time for Gatsby!


Amy G. said...

I am very interested to see this film generation's take on what for me is part of my own fabric. No, it won't be Redford; but when I saw Redford, he wasn't the Gatsby in the book -- for me. DiCaprio is closer, in my opinion, but we'll wait for Christmas to find out. I look forward to it! This version looks to have more of the glitz of the 20s, thanks to Luhrmann, and his vision of NYC then will be a feast.

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts. Appears that this version puts a whole lot more James Gatz into Jay Gatsby, Redford's version was very refined, no rough edges in sight. I'm biased about Dern's Tom, I don't think anyone can top Dern. I don't think the abstraction of Daisy has been captured by either of these versions.


Toad said...

I've always like J. Peterman's analysis of Gatsby.

"Gatsby was amazing. He even managed to see to it that the book about him was regarded as a novel, fiction, as though he didn’t exist.

Even Fitzgerald, by the time he was through writing it, believed he’d made the whole thing up."

Anonymous said...

Head is spinning.

That is goooood, professor!

I'm taking that down so I can remember it for the exam.


Anonymous said...

sorry, not interested. this movie is just trying too hard to be hip. it's just not working out.

Toad said...

The comments make this worth reading

Mike said...

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