Saturday, March 3, 2012

spring things

There are fewer pontificators of men's fashion than women's but this season They, whomever they are, have deemed that the well dressed male this spring and summer will be wearing a blue, unlined sport coat with open patch pockets. All others are pretenders.

For a change, more than a few of the suggested jackets are double breasted, which is problematic depending upon where you live. Nothing is as elegant as a DB jacket in the spring and nothing speaks of a personal hell quite like DB on a hot, humid, summer afternoon.

I'll likely give this trend a pass this year. I like the look, but am long on options in my closet. Come next spring I'll think blue, unlined jackets are a really great idea, search long and hard until being told you should have been here last year, we had lots.

Looking closely though you'll find some really great trim ideas to bring along to your next visit to your tailor.

The drawing below is from J Peterman's spring catalog. For those who prefer their clothing to come with a backstory this is the "it" jacket of the season.

Happy shopping.


I've been saving these photos from Tumblr for a while. If they are yours let me know so I can credit the source, which I did not keep at the time. My apologies.

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Christina said...

These sports coats are very elegant, I love it. I like how they tailored that double breasted next to Lardini, it's gorgeous.

Christina @ Cheap Suits For Men