Saturday, March 10, 2012

Maybe-Maybe Not

Are we so evolved that swimwear detergent has become deriguer?

From the wonderful folks at Roux Maison



Dig Brooklyn said...

I think "devolved" rather than "evolved"!

Gail, in northern California said...

Sometimes when you offer one of your Maybe-Maybe Not items, I get the time-honored feeling that old "Goofy Gullible Gail fell for it"....the same one I had growing up with seven brothers who thought it was hysterical when they could pull one over on me. It didn't take much actually.

But once again here it is--swimwear detergent. And once again I ask, "Please tell me this isn't true." Almost $5 an ounce and three more plastic bottles for the landfill.

Toad said...

I received a bit of "well, maybe that's not so bad an idea...' from the women in my life.

The longer they talked the less sense it made to them. it never made any sense to me. Sad, but this one is true.

LLP said...

And it is fragrance free.

Dovecote Decor said...

Over the top consumerism! I'm with Gail. Its such a waste.Come by and visit Hutton Wilkinson's fab new house in L.A. I'm obsessed!

Suburban Princess said...

I dont know how much swimsuits are in the US...but here they are either Walmart el cheapo things or cost a fortune at the swimsuit store. If I have to spend 150.00 on a swimsuit, I am sure as heck going to make sure it is washed and rinsed properly every time I use it.

I keep a bottle of Zero under the bathroom sink for that exact purpose.