Sunday, March 25, 2012

first cocktail party

A frequent refrain in our house, as I watch the occasional history program on the telly, comes from my bride. "That's horse hockey" she'll say (or something that means the same)"they don't know that."

This may be one of those stories. I have no idea how anthropologist's do their thing, but according to then contemporary, learned sources, on Sunday March 25, 1917, former Lexington, Kentucky girl, Mrs. Julius S. Walsh (Clara) of St. Louis, Missouri held the FIRST ever cocktail party, for 50 guests at her home, which was located within walking distance from where I type this.

Says the St. Paul Pioneer Press: Clover Leafs, Highballs, Gin Fizzes, Bronx cocktails, Martinis and Manhattans were served.

In honor of the momentous occasion and to honor the Suburban Princess who's natal day is today, let us give thanks, and wishes for many happy returns, or as they once said on this date, Happy New Year.



kitchen countertops said...

first cocktail party
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Anonymous said...

A cocktail party for Suburban Princess' birthday, I accept! I've been waiting for an occasion to make her

and a candle in each one might be just dandy. Thank you for the invitation, Sir!

-Old Vinegar

Suburban Princess said...

Happy Birthday Unca Toad!

I do lurve a cocktail cocktail party!

Old Vinegar - you really should make that's so yummy!

Anonymous said...

"Happy Birthday Unca Toad!"


Happy Birthday, Toad!!!

-Old Faithful

James said...

Have a wonderful day friend Toad

Karena said...

So interesting Toad! A very Happy Birthday to the Princess!

Art by Karena
The 2012 Artist Series

Karena said...

Toad Happy Birthday to you as well! Enjoy!

Art by Karena
The 2012 Artist Series

Gail, in northern California said...

Treat yourself to a lovely day...enjoying whatever you love the most.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Toad! Love ya, old man. You're the best Papa Toad a guy could ever ask for.

- FreeKansas

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Toad!

Toad said...

Thank you all. I've had more fun this weekend, wrapped up with family, friends and you. I'm gonna do it again next year just to see how it compares.

Anonymous said...

"I've had more fun this weekend..."


It says here you "hate being ignored" so if you want to, go ahead and keep celebrating, we'll love you for a whole nuther week!

-Old Crone

Toad said...

I do so hope my bride never reads that, or I'm toast.

Anonymous said...

"I do so hope my bride never reads that.."

Guaranteed you're safe, her's is not going to read that well either, that website is brutally honest.

Find her, and see what I mean:

My only saving grace is that my beloved and I are the same sign.

-Old, and Tired

Tammy B said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Bob said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

LPC said...

Happy belated birthday! And many more.

Patsy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Big fan of the gin fizz, but I don't want to know what goes into a Bronx cocktail.

Shelley said...

A belated happy birthday, Toad. (I'm just back from six weeks in Australia and have a load of catching up to do on my blog reading.) Hope you had a good one!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Good to know about this first cocktail party. Really liked the cocktails you provided. I too arranged a cocktail party at one of Los Angeles event venues where had many different drinks. All the attendees loved and enjoyed the day.