Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In The Eye of the Beholder

Michael Bastain by Mister Mort

Many men worship at the altar of Michael Bastain. I don't blame them, Mr. B is a rare talent, who usually designs clothing that real adult men can actually wear.

The photo above, taken by Mister Mort, shows Michael during NY Fashion Week wearing a fashionably short, shawl collared, double breasted herringbone number. He had me at the shawl. Perhaps missing a button or two.



Anonymous said...

Who can worship over a $375. shirt?
After inflation, are shirts that were $235. in 2000 now approaching $400. ? Or has the world surely gone mad? In retirement now, I'd like to have all the money I did spend on clothing, cars and good times. My first SL convertible was $9600 in 1969. An XKE in college was 5 grand or so- (I didn't actually pay for it myself)

I'm posting Anonymously today as I am so ashamed of myself.

Kathy said...

I'm no sartorial expert, but the buttons on that jacket make it look like it's two sizes too small. Or that he found it in the juniors department.

Toad said...

Price paying is certainly never a problem for the insecure. Michael, Sid, Billy, Ralph and the rest charge what they do because they can. An economist would suggest the price isn't yet high enough, proven by the fact folks are still paying.

Yes Kathy, it does look too small, but I think the goofy button stance throws the eye off kilter.