Thursday, March 8, 2012

More spring things

There is a wonderful book of men's clothing, Anderson and Sheppard-A Style is Born edited by Graydon Carter and Cullen Murphy which highlights the 100 year history of the venerable Savile Row tailors, Anderson and Sheppard and their illustrious clients. It has become one of my style favorites.

I stole several ideas, (not including the horizontal striped suit) from them during my recent trip to the alchemist including the Ghurka pants worn by Mr. Fiennes in the photo above. I hate wearing braces in the summer and Ghurka pants seemed just the thing for a lightweight casual suit. This Spring I've noticed that Gurkha's are back!

They never really went completely away, What Price Glory have long carried Ghurka shorts and pants in stock. I've tried the shorts, and liked them, but you must follow their instructions and buy them a size larger than normal.

J. Peterman is showing Ghurka pants and shorts in its Spring catalog (#94)

The best value may be on EBAY. J L Powell is offering their linen, flat front or pleated Ghurka shorts for $69 (US) Buy it Now.

With Daylight Saving Time coming this weekend I'm trying to get a jump on Spring.



kitchen countertops said...

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YONKS said...

Love your new banner and the shorts are indeed dapper!

Toad said...

Thank you KC. One never knows what will show up here from day to day. Least of all me.

Shelley said...

Bill, who wears safari looking clothes and articles picked up in Africa and India, always looks 'very British' to my American family and friends. He'll love these gurka shorts!